Inculcating the habit of reading regularly is turning out to be quite a beautiful journey. I have also realized that, at times I am learning so much from beautiful blogs, podcasts, conference talks and not just from books. This space is to keep track of all the wonderful people who have had impact on my life thru their works.

2019 List


Ravan - Enemy of aryavartha by Amish Tripathi

Peopleware - Productive projects and Teams by Tom DeMarco

Algorithms to live by : The computer science of Human Decisions

Zen: The Art of Simple Living - Shunmyo Masuno

Siddartha - Hermen Hesse

The undoing project: A Friendship that Changed the world - Michael Lewis


Google engineering practises documentation

How to write OKRs

Grpc vs Rest performance

Conference Videos


Facebook release Engineering with Chuck Rossi

Synk: Open source Security with Guy Podjarny


Sentinel - Manage and track machine learning experiments on a Kubernetes Cluster via CLI

Nischal Harohalli Padmanabha
Software Engineer by profession, filter kapi drinker by choice.

My research interests include deep learning, large scale engineering and social interactions.